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Thank You for the Days: A Boy's Own Adventures in Radio and Beyond - Mark Radcliffe On the cover David Bowie states "Steal this book". Reason enough to read it. I also recently read and enjoyed Reelin' in the Years: The Soundtrack of a Northern Life.

Mark Radcliffe is one of the good guys - a man who is passionate about music, down to earth, humorous and someone I would love to meet. This book is as predictably enjoyable as I knew it would be. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as [b:Reelin' in the Years: The Soundtrack of a Northern Life|11394564|Reelin' in the Years The Soundtrack of a Northern Life|Mark Radcliffe|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347355484s/11394564.jpg|16326878]. I'm not sure why, perhaps I am becoming blasé about Mark's style, or perhaps it's just not as good.

One part that really struck was when he goes back to his halls of residence at Manchester University as a fifty year old. He states: "Standing in my old bedroom, as alone as I'd been when my mum dropped me off there in September 1976, was a bittersweet experience. I've never felt my age more keenly that I did at that moment. My spell at Uni was such an exciting and absorbing time, and one I felt a real sense of privilege at having experienced. There was no one telling you what to do or what times you had to come in or go out. The freedom came without much responsibility though, which made it all the more delicious. You had no bills to pay or job to worry about, and everybody wanted to be your friend. Even some girls. It was heaven from the very first day, and standing there as a middle-aged man I was forcibly struck by the realisation that I would never be as free as that ever again, or as intoxicated by the limitless of possibility." I could have written that. Not the bit about Manchester University as I didn't go there - but the rest of it.

So there you have it, [b:Thank You for the Days: A Boy's Own Adventures in Radio and Beyond|8255276|Thank You for the Days A Boy's Own Adventures in Radio and Beyond|Mark Radcliffe|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328707156s/8255276.jpg|6582631] by Mark Radcliffe is quite good, and definitely worth reading if you like music and/or biography.