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Reelin' in the Years: The Soundtrack of a Northern Life - Mark Radcliffe He shoots. He scores.

Mr Radcliffe was in front of an open goal with not even the keeper to beat. Needless to say he slotted the ball home with style and aplomb. Then again, how could he miss? 55 year old DJ, all round good guy, and music obsessive writes a book (when he was 52 years of age) about his favourite songs (one for each year of his life), which is read by a 51 year music obsessive. It was already a pretty good "fit".

I don't share Mark's enthusiasm for Pink Floyd or Genesis, though daresay I would have if I was four years older, however - that aside - I agreed with virtually all of his opinions.

It's fair to say I didn't learn anything about the artists or tunes I didn't already know (except the origin of Leadbelly's moniker (chronic constipation triv fans)), however I did read a lot of interesting biographical stuff about Mark, and - as ever - warmed to his dry, matter-of-fact, and quietly witty style.

If you can answer "yes" to at least two of the the following:

Do you love popular music?
Do you find Mr Radcliffe engaging?
Do you enjoy biographies?

Then I'd say you will really enjoy this book too. I have ordered his biography "[b:Thank You for the Days: A Boy's Own Adventures in Radio and Beyond|6394051|Thank You for the Days A Boy's Own Adventures in Radio and Beyond|Mark Radcliffe|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328724809s/6394051.jpg|6582631]" on the strength of this one. I shall, of course, report back.