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Down with Skool! (Armada Lions) - Geoffrey Willans;Ronald Searle Another foray into the category that is "Books I read as a child". I read this as part of "The Compleet Molesworth" which collects all four Molesworth books into one.

I wonder what a child of today would make of Molesworth? Even when I was growing up, in the 1970s, this 1950s depiction of boarding schools felt dated. An arcane world of Latin, Trig, Chizz, etc. That said, there was, and is, something wonderful about N. Molesworth's comic musings. The splendid illustrations by Ronald Searle, the incessant misspellings, the ongoing fight against the teachers, and (my personal favourite) fotherington-tomas (""Hullo clouds hullo sky hullo sun"). All of it evokes a lost world of canings, school caps, the remnants of a classical education, masters, bulies, gurls, cads, sops, oiks, parents, and even the skool dog. The book concludes with Molesworth's masterly short story about the Prunes uprising.

As a bit of light relief, and a trip down memory lane, I really enjoyed it. Genuinely funny, although perhaps you had to have enjoyed it as a child?