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More William  - Richmal Crompton, Thomas Henry I read this as I wanted to relive some books I'd enjoyed as a child. I was convinced I'd enjoyed the William books. Having read this book, I now realise I was confusing them with the Jennings books. Putting that minor disappointment to one side, and having finished this book, I can confirm it made me smile a lot, and made me laugh out loud a few times too.

Richmal Crompton was a hugely popular author: her timeless character, eleven year old William Brown, was the Harry Potter of the 1920s. Children, and parents, would wait anxiously for William's latest adventures before pouncing upon them and racing away to devour more of his exploits.

The book is skilfully written and stands up well. William's reasoning and perspective are credibly described, and so his actions, whilst frequently outrageous, appear quite plausible. These actions cause comedic mayhem for his readers, unlike his long suffering family. If you enjoyed William as a child, then I feel sure you'd still enjoy the books as an adult. A light, easy, and fun read.

Oh, and I've ordered a copy of [b:The Best of Jennings: Four Utterly Wizard Adventures All Jolly Well Complete and Unabridged|7533563|The Best of Jennings Four Utterly Wizard Adventures All Jolly Well Complete and Unabridged|Anthony Buckeridge|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328703646s/7533563.jpg|9784741].