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Suite Française - Irène Némirovsky, Sandra Smith It was a few years ago that I read this book and I am inspired to try and add a few thoughts as this book has been chosen by the Bright Young Things group as their Fiction read for March 2013.

I clearly recall how much I enjoyed the first part of the book which details different groups fleeing from Paris following the Nazi invasion of France. This section is powerful and memorable.

I also recall how I found the other sections of the book less successful, and I think this is borne out by inability to remember much about it.

I am not sure the extent to which I was aware of Irène Némirovsky's own story when I read the book - there's a good summary on Wikepedia which is well worth reading and it details some of the controversy surrounding the book.

It's not a book that I would bother reading again however, for anyone interested in the era, it has its moments.