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Memoirs of the Forties - Julian Maclaren-Ross, Julian Ross-Maclaren, Alan Ross Another winner from JMR. I'd previously read his novel 'Of Love And Hunger' and, prior to that, Paul Willetts's biography "Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia". His was a hand to mouth existence, and - for anyone interested in the 1940s, and literary London - this biography is well worth reading.

This is probably not the ideal entry point. I'd recommend 'Of Love And Hunger' first, and then Paul Willetts's biography, by which time you'll be hooked and quite possibly do what I did, which is go online and buy every title you can lay your hands on. Alas, there's precious few of them.

His Memoirs of the Forties are highly readable and evoke a long lost era. In common with 'Of Love And Hunger', JMR uses informal, colloquial language to bring his stories to life. This really is great stuff. Next stop for this confirmed admirer is his 'Selected Stories'.