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Lost In The Jungle - Yossi Ghinsberg The book opens with Yossi Ghinsberg's `Acknowledgements'. A page and a half of flowery, gushing, quasi-mystical thank yous. This didn't auger well. Yossi Ghinsberg's writing style is pretty basic. I wonder if this is a translation - which might explain his style.

I have read a few accounts of what could be labelled Travel Misadventures, Personal Disasters, or Idiots Taking Silly Risks & Living To Tell The Tale. These include, Touching The Void, Into Thin Air, The Climb, and Into The Wild. For the first two thirds of this book I concluded that "Lost In The Jungle" was not up to the same standard, however I was gripped by the last third of the book and he certainly has an extraordinary tale to tell. At the end of the book he also touches on how his near death experience shaped the rest of his life and I was impressed by what he has gone on to achieve.

Overall I rate this 3/5. It's worth reading and I feel Yossi's tale will stay with me. That said if you've yet to read Touching The Void or Into Thin Air, then I would suggest reading those first as I think they're both more accomplished and interesting books that explore similar themes.