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"Bryant & May On the Loose" by Christopher Fowler

Bryant & May On the Loose - Christopher Fowler

This is the first book I have read by Christopher Fowler and so (obviously) the only book I have read in the Bryant & May series. It is the seventh of the ten (so far) books and, if this book is indicative of the quality, then it is an excellent series. 

Click here to read the History Of Bryant & May on Christopher Fowler's website.

The story is an enjoyable tale of a ritualistic killer who appears to be evoking pagan rites in the Kings Cross area of London whilst the area is going through an important period of major redevelopment. Modern day London is brilliantly evoked, and there is plenty of historical detail along with old myths and legends. The Peculiar Crimes Unit (or PCU) for whom Bryant and May work, was disbanded shortly before this story starts so there is also a sub-plot around getting the old team back together. 

There are some great twists and turns and a surprisingly dark ending too. An entertaining, intriguing, wry, well written detective novel that made me feel very keen to read more of the Bryant and May books.