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"Jeeves and the Wedding Bells" by Sebastian Faulks

Jeeves and the Wedding Bells - Sebastian Faulks

Sebastian Faulks, in the book's introduction, describes this book as "a tribute" by "a fan" and not "an imitation". 

For my money, and as a fellow P.G. Wodehouse fan, I'd say Jeeves and the Wedding Bells is every bit as good as the real thing. Sebastian Faulks is to be congratulated for pulling off the perfect homage. 

I smiled, chuckled and on a couple of occasions guffawed, through this charming Jeeves and Wooster story. 

P.G. Wodehouse would have approved I'm sure. Jeeves and the Wedding Bells reminds me how much I love the work of P.G. Wodehouse and inspires me to get reading and rereading his books. There is no higher praise. 

As you may now, P.G. Wodehouse won the Mark Twain Medal in 1936 for "having made an outstanding and lasting contribution to the happiness of the world". Sebastian Faulks has now further added to the happiness of the world with Jeeves and the Wedding Bells.